Monday, April 9, 2012

Oh Wow! My New Blog!! Tap. Tap. "Am I On?"

OK, here's the thing.  I was traveling back from the Austin area Easter afternoon with a dear fellow Dentist friend of mine, Dr. Chris.  We had been visiting some other mutual friends at their ranch about an hour outside of Austin in the beautiful Hill Country. We count three of these Easter get-togethers under our belts, so now it's our traditional Easter event complete with kids and animals.

Maybe this is all extraneous information really, except for the fact that with the new Hill Country spring pollens and allergens flying around now, my friend and car companion Dr. Chris had been suffering with the sneezy, watery, clogged-sinus rigors associated with ourTexas season. He swallowed the appropriate dosage of his antihistamine, sudafed, decongestant pill thing, along with a few Tylenol for good measure!  Consequently I drove his SUV back to Dallas so that we don't weave over into some farmers' pasture.  (We actually saw the aftermath of two such accidents on the way back! Cows, goats,  Highway Patrol milling around.  Quite the scenes, ...................................................             but                 I              digress. 

Give two dentists 4 hours of alone time in a car and the conversation will eventually end up talking shop.  Plus my buddy was loaded up on the Claritin/Allegra D sudafed thing. In his mental mist he suggested that I might consider starting a BLOG of some sort so that my patients and friends could see just what goes on in my head and indicated that I might have some flair for it!   (Really??  But you know what?? How much fun is it to be at NorthPark Mall by the fountain and just people watch after you've taken some Claritin?  Isn't blogging just electronic people watching?")  And besides, my youngest daughter has a blog of her own so I have a built-in mentor to help me through the anxious start up phase.

My goal with this blog is to share suggestions and insight into dentistry, current trends, helpful hints, that sort of thing.  And also, personal observations and things that simply come my way from which others might benefit.  If I got something out of it, you could too, right?  We are all involved in the human condition and I know how often something said to me at just the right time and circumstance in the past has oftentimes been a game-changer! 

That's it.  More later!  Floss the one's you want to keep!  No charge.

Dr. S

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