Friday, August 10, 2012

To Err is So Human

It has come to my attention that the artist mentioned as painting the Mona Lisa in my tribute to Dad on Father's Day was not Mr. Rembrandt at all, but was, in fact,  Leonardo DaVinci!  One of my patients today pointed this out to me, and I was as shocked as anyone can be!

It's true!!  True!!  Leonardo it was.  Not Rembrandt.  OMG.

So shocked was I, that my patient would consider me as the uneducated artistic hack in this "uh-oh" moment. 

I knew Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa.  You knew I knew that!  Wrongly accused in this gaff, but let the record show

It was Bewley!  Damned Bewley wrote that piece, not me.  He is the uneducated artistic hack in this.....

(Thank goodness I pointed Bewley and his ilk out to you all early on in this blog-a-boo thingy?  Elsewise, how easily it would be for you as well to jump to conclusions such as this.  To Err is So Human).