Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Concept of My Friend "Bewley"

I must be very careful today on this blog.  Things said here can certainly have future implications that may prove embarrasing at the very least.  Years from now there will be an accounting of every idle word spoken.  Says that in the New Testament and this judgement occurs on the other side of the veil.  I have a concern with this judgement, but My God tells me that I am His because of my relationship with His Boy, but this is not that to which I am referring.  The implications I am thinking of now are referred to by the professionals as "committment procedings".  Karen will very likely be present. This meeting is where you are surrounded by many caring people trying to find you a new place to live.   Things said in the early, mid and late quarters of your life, or today, are reminisced and discussed in detail in these get-togethers!

My friend's name is "Bewley".  Not even my wife or children know about him.  He's never been brought up because people quickly run with these things further than they need to go and land on negative ideas and old movies like "Three Faces of Eve", "Sybil" and "Harvey".  Bewley is my conscience.  He acts so many times like a Devil's Advocate, asking the uncomfortable questions on a matter or just saying stuff to get a reaction.  Doing and/or saying the things that Dr. S would not do or say.  My wife has seen Bewley on many, many occasions and confused him with me, much to the chagrin of all three of us. 

Now listen.  You have a Bewley too!  We all have him, or her. Some people have both him and/or her but that's another blog!  For instance, when a car cuts you off in traffic, Dr. S says or thinks "there but by the Grace of God go I".  I try to take the high road on most of these occasions.  But fun-loving Bewley has yet another perspective on these occasions, and he's very vocal when he expresses his perspective, though only in my head.  Oh my!  Get this.  He will say something like "that little s _ it h_ _d just cut me off.  That just pi_ _es me off and I'm shooting him the finger, though in reality it's beneath the dashboard, even below the gear shift console and not really in view.  But it would look from the outside that I was doing and thinking all this, but it's not. 

Bewley's a funny guy, but he's not stupid and at times like these he defers to Dr. S's civility.  He wouldn't actually show the motorist this provocative gesture because that person may have an imaginary friend too, and a gun!  And this perosn might even hear voices from regions of his imagination where Bewley doesn't even go.  This last thing is a bit scary because I overhear so many things that brew inside Bewley and they're disturbing, but again, "there but by the Grace of God........". 

I have written all this above so that I can let Bewley tell you a funny thing.  This last weekend in Austin we both overheard a country western song that just cracked us both up.  The title of the song is just is hysterical!   That's why country western music is so dad-gum good.  But do you know that I just listen to it when I am in my car on some road trip.  THE only time that I listen to C and W,  eat corn nuts and wash it down with a diet coke, and this coming from a dentist.  (Oh wow, this may be the dental segment that I promised on my blog but as yet have not delivered.  Here it is: don't eat corn nuts and wash it down with diet coke.  Unless you're on the road.  It's bad for your teeth. And the sound of crunching corn nuts drowns out the radio according to my wife). 

Here's the song title I was knee-slap laughing about and credit you getting to read this on my blog to Bewley: 

"It's Hard To Kiss the Lips at Night that Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long".

When you think about this title, and if I don't say anything more right now, I am 99% sure you are slappin' your knee and throwin' your head way back!

Dr. S


  1. How is it that you have a name for your conscience and literally none of us know him by name??

  2. I agree with Bethany! Enjoying the blog!